Friday, January 09, 2009

Great things are happening

So... I"m a terrible blogger.  It doesn't help that I have a husband and two kids who take up all my time while they are awake....Meaning.... that I get to blog, read, write, watch what I want on tv, think (yes think in FULL complete thoughts), rest, and even sit and do nothing.....all after they are ALL asleep.  I do have to admit that the other night the kids went to bed quickly and me and Nick had a great chat at the kitchen table in the half light.  It reminded me of being little at Grandmas White House with all the relatives gathered in the kitchen after chasing cows all day drinking coffee and cooking potatoes by lantern light.  Only We weren't speaking Navajo and now I was one of the adults talking and sipping tea in the half light after a good day.  
Yesterday Nick asked my what I was most excited about with the new baby coming... I told him to see the little boy, yes I'm sticking to boy, for the first time and hold him in my arms knowing that one stage is over and another beginning.  He said that he was excited for later like this summer when all the adjusting was over with and we were just a family taking a walk together and pushing a stroller with all our kids.  He's so cool and I'm so obvious and uninventive.

Louise has started JOY School.  It's a preschool group where you team up with other mothers and their kids and each mom takes a week teaching the kids at their home.  This was our first week and so far Louise loves it.  It's with others from our ward so she knows the others from primary and had one of the moms as a teacher for a bit. Her first day was cute.  On the way there she asked if she could say a prayer so she would be brave and not scared when I left her alone at her school.  She did great.  Buddy however had a big cry session.  He didn't want to be left out.  He kept saying, "I sit by sissy....I sit by sissy."  And he kicked and cried all the way back to the car.  He needs to be three.  I did tell him that one week they will all come to our house and then he could sit with all the other kids and that seemed to console him.  They are both such sweethearts!! I love them and can't believe we're adding on in a month.

Concerning the new babe.. well I've actually begun to wonder if I'm all right.  I feel so at peace with our new arrival that I can't think of anything to do to prepare for it.  I don't know if I'm being to relaxed just because this is our third child or if it just hasn't hit me yet.  Either way I made myself sit down and think really hard about what I need to do.  We're having the baby at home and so there's a birthing kit I need to get and our room is too small for our full size crib and so I want to get a little bassinet type cradle.  There are also the baby clothes to get out of storage and wash.  But other than that I can't think of anything and that list seems pitifully small for such a big new arrival.  The only other thing I was worried about, yes was, is our vehicle situation.  Our car does have the seat belt for another person but not really the room....I've thought and prayed about this and have decided that it's OK!!! :)  We can't really buy a new car because who is going to loan us money when Nick isn't even working?!?!  And he really can't work unless he does a weekend shift or night job and then I really would never see him.  Even then it would only be part time work.  So we can wait until his schooling is finished which is this semester!!!  And plus, I'm not ready to take the minivan plunge yet. I love my little silver car. Really I do. It's been a beautiful blessing since we got it and it's newer, 2004, it starts up when I want it to, it gets great gas mileage, it looks good, we have a rack system for it, both the heater and air conditioner work on command,  it has power windows and extra cigarette lighters for charging and powering things.  Yes, yes, I'm sure theses aren't significant to many who say don't most cars have/do all those things anyway?!?  Let me clarify.  Ahem.  We do have to other cars. They are both from the 70's and while reliable, according to my husband,  I can't get the one to start on a cold day for the life of me and the other lacks a good heater for the cold and air conditioning is non-existant.  Plus all the other things I mentioned like remember having to start your car 30 min. early on cold days to get it to run for you.  Or remember how big and heavy those old metal cars are and then remember there is no POWER STEERING.  Try that with a big belly and less leverage on a tight turn in the city. Yes I do love the color on our Jeep Wagoneer and if we needed to it's the one vehicle that would fit our growing family comfortably and with room to spare, and I also LOVE our VW camper bus, but alas my Little silver honda accord has my everyday heart.  It saves me tons of stress and time during my weekly run arounds with the kids.  The other two have my heart for special occasions like camping trips and fun outings and they are fun. But for every day I'll take the car.

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