Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Our Hair Raising Experience

Yesterday we went to BYU and the Eyring Science Center (thought of you Nacco!!)  For a physics demonstartion with the homeschooling group.  Louise loved it and the guy and girl who did it really did well with the kids.  They had the air blowing vaccum thing that made things "float" in the air.  They defied gravity with static electricity. ANd made a light turn on with magnetic fields.  They also had a magnetic something or other that threw metal rings into the air at a push of a button...  Plus they did this fun ball of static.  Here's louise and Her Hair Raising Experience!
This is the before pic which I thought I put before. But she's a cutie.  It was especially fun b/c they let all the kids try all of the experiments hands on.

Forget what this place is called

I went to west jordan last saturday and met Trudeen and Honey with the kids.  Trudeen wanted to show me this place and get louise dressed up and take some Halloween pics there.  It was fun to see all the displays but super, super, crowded.  The shops would've been alot of fun to look at but they're definitely not for children.  I wish I could've looked some more there was a lot of cute stuff.  ANYways... buddy was napping and didn't have  a costume so here's one of him.  He does have one now.  He's going to be a dragon.  
Louise my cute little Miss Witch.
Louise and Ansel in front of the Giant Pumpkin!!

Happy Halloweeen


Saturday, October 18, 2008

Our Family preparations:

Mom stopped by and we put her to work helping us bottle our honey.  Here's a pic of some of the sticky mess.  I've never had such a sweet and sticky experience.  We started beekeeping this year with two hives and only had one do well enough to get honey from but it was a lot of honey.  I think we  harvested close to 100 lbs of honey!!!  It was alot more work than I had anticipated (plus I was pregnant and sick). But the rewards are SWEET!!
So this was an adventure worth appreciating.  Thank You chicken processing plants!!  And THANKS to all those poor workers who cut up chickens for a living!  This thurs. we killed 15 roosters...and what can I say.  It was GROSSE.  From cutting off the heads to dipping them in hot water and plucking off the wet feathers....and then.... gutting them and trying not to cut into anything that would leak out fecal matter and then chopping them up.... OH Lordy!!!  I am not a pioneer woman.  BUT... I did bake bread, made dried fruit leather, and butchered chickens all in one day.  Thank goodness I didn't have to wash clothes by hand, grind my own wheat, and start a fire for a warm shower.  Those pioneer women are hard core Babes!!!
The guts, heart, liver, chicken necks, entrails, viscerals,fat chunks...  I food service cleaned the place after this mess.  
Here's the finished product. Cut and ready to eat, although, by the end ( we were up till 11pm working on these birds) I didn't think it looked very appetizing.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Here is Louise showing all her many faces.
And Buddy....Such a cutie!! Even when he's getting into trouble.
THese next two are the prop pics... Just cute. What more can I say?

Here's one of our family Standing Tall.  Just like the prophet asked us to.
Here's one of our family pictures.  
Piggyback rides are the kids' favorite!

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

family Picture Day

Well, we did it.  Another successful family picture day is over.  I'm fighting a cold and forgot how crazy pictures can get.  But, b/c of the cold, I tried not to stress to much and it was ok, in fact, it was quite enjoyable.  We decided on overalls for the kids and I couldn't find Ansel's anywhere.  So instead of stressing and running around trying to find them Nick suggested we just BUY some.  GREAT idea honey!!!  And I left my makeup at the house so we ended up buying some of that too.  I needed some anyway.  The kids are just CUTE anyway.  I'll post some pics as soon as I get them.  Next year though, I plan on having matching and/or coordinating outfits.  I didn't really think this one through very well.

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