Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Times they are a changin'

ok. So, I'm not sure what to say except this post starts in the middle! I forgot about the picture upload coming to the front of the post every time. If anyone knows how to do blogs without having to upload pics last ones first please let me know. But it's too late for me to even want to try and fix this post. Having said that enjoy!!
Our sailing trip with Captain Russ. It's a beautiful boat and we had so much fun!!
Nick on the dock with baby Gabe in his life jacket.
Kids on the dock waiting to be hoisted into the boat.
Nick stearing the sailboat. He sent us flying towards the wall with a hard turn once, but did really well after that. It was pretty scary but when we realized we weren't going to fall over into the ocean there was a cry for "do it again!!"

Well, it seems like a good idea to start posting regularly so I'll begin with our weekend.

We wanted to have a good weekend family trip before Nick's departure on Mon. So this is what we did. Friday we picked up the kids half a day and left for the Vancouver temple. We are so Lucky to have the Haladin Family live so close by. They have kids about the same age of ours and are more than gracious. They watch our kids, feed all of us, and just are plain fun to hang out with!! The temple was beautiful as always but even though we had plenty of time to spare before the session we were running late when we left the Haladins house. I think it was the really good food that delayed us. (Homemade chicken pie, yummy salad, canned beets) RoMell and Doreen had joined us and they didn't realize that you needed to bring your own clothes and in the rush to make it to the session I left my wallet at the Haladins (ie, no recommend). We ended up missing the session but all got in (whew!) We were able to do some initatories and just had a really great temple experience.

An additional surprise after the temple was a visit from my good friend Cecelia!! She stopped by and I finally got to meet her little baby girl. She was born two days before baby Gabe.

What a Cutie! I tried to get pics of the two babies together but none of them turned out. If you really want to see some check Nicks facebook for some blurry pics.

Friday night we spent at the Christensen home in Anacortes, Wa. Russ and Heather are friends of our from Ut and we love them and their family. They have two boys and a brand new baby girl. Russ took us sailing on sat and that was quite an adventure. We sailed out to a little island and then went ashore and explored. It was so much fun!

Sunday night we spent at a hotel near the Seatle airport. And the kids LOVED it. I'm not sure what it is but it's Ansels dream come true to stay at a hotel. Monday we did some shopping and then dropped Nick off at the airport :( I miss him already. Louise had a little breakdown that night before we even got home and said she missed her dad. It's only been two days that he's been gone. Six weeks is looking pretty loooooooong. But we're doing well.

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