Monday, November 30, 2009

Making and baking stuff

I've been trying to keep busy and do things me and the kids enjoy to keep my mind off of how home sick I am. Kids are amazing. They think Navajo Mtn is GREAT!! Louise especially. She just LOVES school. IT's so much fun for her and she's good at it. Children are so versatile and fun-loving. They keep smiles on my face. It's been fun to get to know Ansel more on a one to one basis with Louise in school. I didn't realize how much attention she demands. We also have an after-school following that is up to 4 kids. They are the neighbor kids and come "home" after school and demand a snack and stay to play. Last week louise was sick on Monday so I kept her home. All the kids were still down for a nap when Louise usually comes home from I was taken by surprise when someone was knocking and trying to open the door after school go out. It was Owen our neighbor. He came in and hung out until the kids finally woke up. LOL!! I was trying to get him to go home but he wasn't fazed by the fact that all the kids were napping. So here are a few of the fun things we've made recently. Donuts, baked, not fried. Still delicious but a little on the lighter side. Art: Modge podge notebook covers, painting, and pastels.
Also a pic of Mahonri and his new favorite thing to do... climb up the stool and get into something. We have now put this stool away because it got to dangerous!


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