Monday, June 16, 2008

Bee Buzz

Here are some pics of me and my bees.

Here I took of the lid and i'm smoking the inside.

Me checking out the bottom box and holding a frame full of my favorite insect.

This pic is of an emerging bee. The capped off wholes are new bees developing and you can just see one's head sticking out in this pic on the bottom, middle, and just to the left. I wanted more pics but Nick the photographer is a little scared of bees. He used to throw rocks at hives when he was little and get chased by them. I told him it served him right.

Me checking out the emerging bee. There was also another breaking out as well. It was so COOL to see!!! I love my bees!
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Springville Fair

Ansel and Louise riding one of the rides. This one spun around and went up and down.

They loved it!! Especially Ansel.

Ansel and his dad on the Ferris Wheel. He loved riding the horse.

Louise also loved her horse. She did trick riding and stood up and even rode it sitting backwards.
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Branding in Canda

Here's Louise and Justine watching the event.

Ups a daisy

Down a daisy

Nick was getting really tired ... this was one of the last ones.

rocky mountain oysters anyone. Just be glad you weren't thier. the guy who did the cutting also did alot of throwing at people.
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The two men in my life...what hunks.

This was taken branding in Canada

The kids eating chips and drinking soda

Fruit punch, and minute maid lemonade. Ya, things don't change much whether it's rez in Az or rez in another country. LOL

Jessica the cow girl. She reminded me of Jo Gurl when she was little. She did a good job.
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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Our Little Boy!

Here's a funny one.. So our little Ansel is a growing adventurous boy. He loves 4 wheelers and anything with an engine. He'll be mesmerized at the leaf blower in the park and go "Whooah." Both Louise and Ansel have learned how to drive and push the gas on a quad. (They go fast!!! It's so scarry) We sit behind them but Ansel will tell you "No, no, no" When you grasp the steering handles and will push your hands off.
OK, now for a gross funny. We hatched out some baby chicks and they are just cute and a couple of weeks old now. Well little man helps us with putting them outside for the day and then bringing them back in. He really loves them but I don't let him hold them much b/c he's not very gentle and too young to understand how to care for such young animals. Well, yesterday he walked around the house and by the time he made it around I saw him holding something he had found. It looked small and black and he would hold and cuddle it, then put it down and pick it back up and stroke it a little. I had no idea what he had but I was worried and...... it was a dead bird! It was so gross! I felt bad b/c I made him put it down and our dog Coco picked it up and he was upset that the dog got his bird. I washed him up good and kept him in the house while I worked on the computer. After a while I couldn't hear him so I got up to find him and his Auntie Honey had let him out the door and said.."I think your son found a dead bird." And he was kissing it!!! Well, he got another washing and I took that smelly dead bird that he loved and put it out in the field so he wouldn't get it again.

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