Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Forget what this place is called

I went to west jordan last saturday and met Trudeen and Honey with the kids.  Trudeen wanted to show me this place and get louise dressed up and take some Halloween pics there.  It was fun to see all the displays but super, super, crowded.  The shops would've been alot of fun to look at but they're definitely not for children.  I wish I could've looked some more there was a lot of cute stuff.  ANYways... buddy was napping and didn't have  a costume so here's one of him.  He does have one now.  He's going to be a dragon.  
Louise my cute little Miss Witch.
Louise and Ansel in front of the Giant Pumpkin!!


nava_jo said...

Louise is the cutest lil'witch! Does she LOve her outfit? And did she have a blast, getting make-up put on? :) I can't wait to see Buddies Dragon Costume!

Josh and Tawnya Begay said...

I love the witch outfit!!! She sure is a pretty witch!

Naco said...

Woohoo! Buddy's stylin' Kanye style..."poppin' collas..." The witch is cute. Oh and isn't the place called Grenich Village or something?


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