Sunday, August 30, 2009

Navajo Times....

The Peterson Family is loose on the Rez.... what to do?!? Stick out like a really good looking thumb! :) I wouldn't say sore b/c it seems we have nothing to be sore about. We have a wonderful new place in a wonderful new place. The beauty of this place here is awesome. How I wish I could write a song that would help you feel some of what I felt today... church was amazing. The Spirit is amazing. Or maybe if I could write and as you read you would begin to feel as I do. Maybe someday... So CHURCH. Nick ended up teaching sunday school, much to his surprise. Haha. LUcky, lucky,lucky me. What did he expect. He's a teacher...of course they would think of him when they needed a teacher. He seems to be a really good one so far!! I wonder what the kids are thinking of there wake up call... I wish I would've gotten a wake up call in High School. The call he is cheering on is "Wake up and THINK!!! Wake up you zombie robot kids and USE YOUR BRAIN!!! Maybe he should sing them a song about it and the musically inclined teenagers would catch on faster and then do a visual medium like collage or a movie. The "hands on" method is what he is parading now and they are having a really hard time trying to do it. There try is asking him questions that essentially will lead to him "telling" them what to do ie...they wouldn't have to think. His assignment was teach/present on a topic. He told them he wasn't there to teach them....hahahaha (talk about blank stares)..... He was tired already of them not thinking for themselves and said they would do the teaching from then on, hence the assignment to present a topic.
Enough on the head of our household. Two little birthdays are coming up and we're EXCITED!! Louise knows all about presents so she's excited about that and COMPANY. Ansel all he can think about is .... ... ... Birthday cake!! Shows how often I bake a cake...never.... yep, not even occasionally. We practiced today b/c it's been a Looooooooong while since i did a layer cake. And buddy boy was clapping for His birthday cake (the kids helped me make it)

Busy week. Here's a list.
1. Return my new computer. Yep, had a new computer. Dell from wal-mart for 300. Couldn't get the internet to work and it's just not an apple.
2. Return to the principles office. We need to talk about parent involvement in his school. It could end up in me being the new PTO president. Who knows what PTO is or does anyway?! Apparently not anyone at the school.
3. Plan a big party with lots of guests staying for overnighters!! HURRAY!! Maybe Mom and dad would like to take a trip to the principles office with me... since you never got the pleasure of it in my growing up years.

And last of all...... I want to learn how to play the CELLO!!! Nick is fond of the violin and louise loves the piano. (She told me sunday she wants to learn how to play a pretty song on it) Ansel is all about the drums. .. ... Hmm, wonder what Mahonri will play. We'll be a family band!! Louise will sing to and I'll back her up on vocals. What else... anyone want to join in? We'll try our first rehearsal say in 5 years?

This week is


Nakki said...

You'll have to take lots & lots of pics of the bday party. I wish I could be there. I'm really going to miss out! And Buddy's just cute. Good luck on his cake! You'll do great. Just remember: photos, photos, & movies! You should post a blog about where you of the scenery & your new place! I can't picture it in my head yet. Love you! :)

Dezi and Brock said...

Hey! You have two blogs! I like this one more! Haha. Didn't your parents go to the principal's office for Nacolynn? I'm looking forward to seeing the band in 5 years. :) Go see my parents!


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